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I Know It

2013-01-10 08:31:28 by xXSuperSandWaylleXx

You guys probely came here to hate on me. Well. i dont give a shit! If you pepole belive daniels joke on photoshop! Because I already quit newgrounds. Now whatcha gotta do?

Im live working on the intro for my new game!
come watch and chat!


2012-08-16 05:37:41 by xXSuperSandWaylleXx

that im working on atm is the idling move. Like when he stands still and prepares for fight. The button for idling is SHIFT. I have not completed it yet so when Im done today. I will update this post with some more pictures! And another thing im working on is to fix my danm photoshop. Its fuckin around like hell.
Soon I will update this post with some pictures. Stay Tunned

Im working on idling move still! And I have made 3 sprites of idling. They contain lots of bugs/color fails/fail lines etc.
I will still make more sprites for idling! Heres a picture
http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/401/preview yo.jpg/
If you see any bugs/fails on the picture. Please let me know. I want this game to look good and awsome!

Stay tunned for some more updates!

I have improved the standing sprite from v 0.1 to 0.2 And I made it a little bit more cool!
Picture Here!
http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/687/standin gv02.jpg/
And heres a picture of my main work for today!
http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/39/idlingv0 1.jpg/

I think it took around 2 hours to make or somthing!

Stay Tunned for some more updates with some pictures!

I will use this post for future updates of Henrik The Combat Master. So we have everything in one place

Stay Tunned For Some More Updates!

Right now im working on the grab combos graphics. Like when you grab sombody and throw them away or punch them while you hold them. I post a picture later because I don't feel to post right now. I think maybe the next 2 hours or somthing not to sure. I've been working alot on Henrik The Combat Master graphic. I will finish all the graphic before the coding. Because coding is hard, And I do that on the end. But some more things. The Grab! The grab has alot of moves to say it right. Like you can throw them up. Down/Slam them to ground/throw them left/throw them right. But right now the thing im focusing on is to fix all the danm bugs that I made in my drawings!

Stay Tunned For Some More Updates!

Got alot of bugs on my sprites! I have to go back to my first sprite sheet. And fix all the fucking bugs there. Like. Its a big black strip on his head. I don't like that. And I dont like that his leg looks like a dick!

Stay Tunned For Some More Updates!

Henrik The Combat Master Update!!!

2012-08-15 12:17:31 by xXSuperSandWaylleXx

This game is really fun to make. Im working on the concept and animations and gameplay right now! And for the first time. It feels that its really really fun to make. I put a photo of my work here on the bottom. It shows Henrik concept art 1. Its alpha verison of that concept art who means that I will work alot more on it. The game is gonna be a wave mode packed spltiscreen game. Over 5 waves, With diffrent enemies. Program I use to make all the animations,concept arts etc. Photoshop cs5.5 I think. Flash is just being used to put everything togheter and code. So this update includes 2 diffrent photos! One shows a sprite that im working on. Another shows the first conpect art. And yes. It will be packed with tutorials. Here are the attack keys you use: A S D F G H J.
A is used to punch (the punch is a combo)
S is used to kick (the kick is a combo)
D is used to grab (grab least 10 seconds and u can punch them and kick them while your holding them)
F is used to insane jump (You jump on your enemies with fire 3 times)
G is used to teleport (you will get teleport ability after 2 waves or somthing)
H is used to sound speed attack (you run at your enemies so they fall back)
J is used to crazy punch (you have you hand in the air for 3 sec then you punch hard)
if you press A-UP you can punch them up. Its alot of things to do in this game.
But be carefull, you got a health bar. And its over 60 minions at the same time
hint. kicking is a weak combo.
And im planning a date to release the game. I think maybe....Maybe next year, Because I relized that this will have alot more things to do than I tought.
im still working on the first sprite. Thats crazy I know. But I don't want the game graphic to look poor. I want it to be fucking amazing! So btw. Photo time:
http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/31/standing z.jpg/ this is the standing sprite that im working on
http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/545/henrikc ombomasterconcep.jpg/ heres the first concept art im working on
More photos comming soon!
Thanks! More photos comming tommorow!

Chill out! new photos tomorow! And also A little update of what im animating atm!


2012-08-15 11:33:44 by xXSuperSandWaylleXx

Henrik The Combat Master:
I lost that file like 2 years ago and I sayd to myself that I was never gonna make it agin. Well. I will start agin.
The game is like a wave game. Where over 69 enemies attacking at the same time. But only wave mode. No story. But 2 Player yes! On the same keyboard. Splitscreen fighting co-op! It will be awsome.
Stay tunned for some pictures of it later

Super Mario All Star Adv Game:
I really taking a break as I said. I do not make a game that Feels unfun to make. I start to make it agin when I feel to. If you wish to know why I stop on some games just go here: http://www.facebook.com/xXSuperSandWaylleXx
Read my post.

The Creepiest Combo:
Taking a break. Henrik combat master will be the game that I work on!

Henrik The Combat Master will be out next 3 montchs. if not somthing bad happens.

Contact me here: SuperSandWaylle0 (Skype)
if you wish to talk!


4 Diffrent Updates

2012-08-10 13:11:48 by xXSuperSandWaylleXx

Super Mario All Star Adv The Game:
I lost the characters file (where I programed,animated all of the characters)
Not only that, I lost the enemies/npc file to.
The resson is because a doutch hacked into my laptop and deleted all of my game stuff.
I will start the game agin when the summer is over.

The Creepiest Combo:
Im working on details like clouds in the livestream bonus menu etc.
Somthing who really creeps me out is the buz sound who least 1 sec always starts when I right click. or anything else. Read my latest facebook post: http://www.facebook.com/xXSuperSandWaylleXx
Or watch this: http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?v=260051147445 122
remember to remove all space I think....

Learning goal:
Im not learning somthing right now. Im kinda bored. And I cant find anything usefull when I google vars,combos,booleans,text,coolor etc.
And I dont really feel to

1.Super Mario all star the game is a fighting beat em up
2. Super Mario all star the game is boring to make
3. Bunnykill the game will never come out. I promised to mutch on that one

And stay tunned. A big facebook update with some pictures of me comming soon.
It also includes pictures of my house,garden etc.

Bunnykill the game where one of the most boring things I ever Have developed.
Heres a link to my facebook: http://www.facebook.com/xXSuperSandWaylleXx
Heres my twitter: google search twitter.com simen bruce
My skype: SuperSandWaylle0
Hamachi for pepole who helps me with crepiest combo: TheCreepiestCombo

Remember to go to my facebook!

Live Programing!

2012-08-10 07:53:41 by xXSuperSandWaylleXx

Come and chat!
Finally live! I will be animating,drawing,programing,fixing bugs in The Creepiest Combo.
I will be on for 30 minnutes ''I Hope''

Answer to the spammer who commented:
I did not say that you kill the scary persons. You fight them. And I did not say that the hero dosent die at the end! I wont put any spoilers anymore. The persons you fight are minions thats all I give for spoilers.

Answer to messager on private messages:
The game is being made with Flash cs5.5 as2.

Answer to facebook private messages:
The combos are limited yes

Answer to another facebook private mesaage:
You walk with Arrow Keys and fight with A,S,D,F,G etc

Answer to ps3 messages:
1. No, Being villains in the game arent possibol. And its mass scary murders not villains
2. Theres gore in the game, Loots of blood.
3. The game will be released when all stuff is added
4. I already said that you cant play online, CUZ its inpossible
5. I dont want any beta testers unless I know them
6. whutafuck are you meaning. Games like this does not contain vore/porn for fucking sake
7. No suecide in the game
8. Its really fun to make

Thanks for asking!

RedMan Movie Update

2012-07-25 18:18:57 by xXSuperSandWaylleXx

kinda tired, Its 00:16 am at my clock,
I have just spent 2 hours on red man the movie,
its 30% done.
I think it comes out maybe day after tomorow or 4 days 50% sure.
Mario All Star Game ''comming soon''

RedMan Movie

2012-07-25 12:05:02 by xXSuperSandWaylleXx

Im currently working on a new movie called RedMan Movie. it will be a fighting movie. A Redman fighting
aginst 4 strong enemies. He also slays evil minions. Every movie will be like 10 minnutes long or 5 minnutes long.
And I started 15 minnutes ago! The movie will probely be released next week!

Mario All Star Game is 10% done and putted on hold

RedMan movie is 2% Done

RedMan movie is split into 4 parts.

And one more thing. I need a actor. Sombody who can do a voice for RedMan.
Peace Out