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Sucky server found

2012-07-24 13:14:07 by xXSuperSandWaylleXx

minecraftserver.com made me pay 200 dollars and then they baned me 10 days after for NOTHING i will raport them for that

New Update!

2012-06-29 08:32:17 by xXSuperSandWaylleXx

Learned somthing new!
I im 91% done with learning currentframe!
Next thing will be: Trace

What I will learn

2012-06-26 03:31:55 by xXSuperSandWaylleXx

Today I'll try to learn:
Hit Test

And improve my X And Y skills! Just so you know it. I learn really fast.
I can learn like 4 codes in a day: I save the codes I find in a notepad document and write it down so I remmber it. And I write it down 5-9 times then I know it. But that I will try to focus on most is Hit Test cuz I need that In my game.
Root is also somthing inportant. Use NG FLASH TUTORAISL. Find Game Source Tutorial. And there you can leanr near 41 codes! Or go here:http://www.newgrounds.com/bbs/topic/229808/

Look for Fions post. Learn over 321 codes there! Or just visit Flash Tuts. Don't copy and paste before you iven know what It means!! I've learned that.

League Of Legends:
I'll soon put a video on YouTube me playing League Of Legends!


2012-06-24 06:28:47 by xXSuperSandWaylleXx

Im online come chat! Learning AS2 Like a boss!
Im 0.0.4% done with my learning goal!

New Code Learned!

2012-06-24 04:36:04 by xXSuperSandWaylleXx

Now I know how to make a walking game!
Its not that hard to learn just google: Basic movements, X And Y, Jumping,Runing,Combos,Attack and barriers pretty easy! No code included so you guys cant copy and paste the code! Sorry. Super Mario All Star Adv the game will be out next summer.well not this summer but next, Like you guys have to wait a year! Sorry but the game is huge!
And Im not working on all star right now, Im learning new coding and stuff.


2012-06-23 05:13:03 by xXSuperSandWaylleXx

Learned a new code! I call it. Speed type of X And Y.
The Code Is:
Learned in 3 minnutes! But I dont fully remember it so I have to write it down some times.I can now 2 codes!
so thats awsome! I use fions posts to learn. Go to flashtuts if you want to learn as3! And agin, All Star Game is on hold!


Summer Update!

2012-06-22 07:07:02 by xXSuperSandWaylleXx

Its summer! Thats why im making a extra big post today.
So I putted Mario All Star Game on hold so I can learn as2 instead of just copying and pasting codes cuz thats cheat! I will learn everything I need! I won't copy and paste things that I don't iven know what means! So no more copy and pasting codes. I won't use codes before I understand what the codes means! So I will start the game making agin in like 4 or 5 weeks or so! Im really sorry but I have to take a break.
Here is the code that im learnig!:
I will learn more after I understand this code! And remember it! If you think that I copied and pasted the code from a internet side, Then ask me about my Firefox Cookies, And I will tell you., This is the only code that I know!

This is how I understad as2:
I search: Action Script 2 X And Y movements
I find the internet side. Reading the entire tutorial.
Thats how I absorb more code info!
What I'll do today: Watch Hannah plays. The L.A Noirse seasson. but first some League Of Legends. My dad will buy Skyrim to ps3 today So I will play that to! And watch: Justin Biber's Death!
But please tell me: What do you want in the All Star game?
Tell me if you want cutscenes.
Tell me if you want Co-Op with a computer or a other player.
Do you want it to be long or a short game.
What buttons?

And please tell me about a good champion in League Of Legends!

My learning goal: 0.0.3% done.

Summer Update!

New Update!

2012-06-19 12:16:19 by xXSuperSandWaylleXx

I use to just copy and paste codes whitout iven know what the codes means! Now I will learn theme! HERE US HOW I DO IT.
Action Script 2 X and Y movements tutorial.
I make a notepad document. And write the code down 3 times per day so I remember it!

Now to somthing else, How I make a book story.
First I find a movie that I like Like: Heroes,X-files or Matrix.
I watch the movie.
Then I make it into a book pretty simple!

But the game will be really delayed now! Cuz I have to learn alot more!


2012-06-17 08:32:26 by xXSuperSandWaylleXx

I fixed the old file. and converted it to Flash cs5.5! I DID IT!
Now the game will come out mutch sooner!

I added a main menu!
-Option Menu
-Link to newgrounds

I will take a break the rest of the day.
But Im not ready for as3 yet! Its way to advanced for a noob like me, I don't iven fully understand as1! So well. I suck!
But tomorow I'll add the first stage.
The game will hopefully come out in 15 weeks or somthing.

All Star Update of awsome!