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4 Diffrent Updates

2012-08-10 13:11:48 by xXSuperSandWaylleXx

Super Mario All Star Adv The Game:
I lost the characters file (where I programed,animated all of the characters)
Not only that, I lost the enemies/npc file to.
The resson is because a doutch hacked into my laptop and deleted all of my game stuff.
I will start the game agin when the summer is over.

The Creepiest Combo:
Im working on details like clouds in the livestream bonus menu etc.
Somthing who really creeps me out is the buz sound who least 1 sec always starts when I right click. or anything else. Read my latest facebook post: http://www.facebook.com/xXSuperSandWaylleXx
Or watch this: http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?v=260051147445 122
remember to remove all space I think....

Learning goal:
Im not learning somthing right now. Im kinda bored. And I cant find anything usefull when I google vars,combos,booleans,text,coolor etc.
And I dont really feel to

1.Super Mario all star the game is a fighting beat em up
2. Super Mario all star the game is boring to make
3. Bunnykill the game will never come out. I promised to mutch on that one

And stay tunned. A big facebook update with some pictures of me comming soon.
It also includes pictures of my house,garden etc.

Bunnykill the game where one of the most boring things I ever Have developed.
Heres a link to my facebook: http://www.facebook.com/xXSuperSandWaylleXx
Heres my twitter: google search twitter.com simen bruce
My skype: SuperSandWaylle0
Hamachi for pepole who helps me with crepiest combo: TheCreepiestCombo

Remember to go to my facebook!


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