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The Creepiest Combo Answers

2012-08-09 12:29:46 by xXSuperSandWaylleXx

Answer to the spammer who commented:
I did not say that you kill the scary persons. You fight them. And I did not say that the hero dosent die at the end! I wont put any spoilers anymore. The persons you fight are minions thats all I give for spoilers.

Answer to messager on private messages:
The game is being made with Flash cs5.5 as2.

Answer to facebook private messages:
The combos are limited yes

Answer to another facebook private mesaage:
You walk with Arrow Keys and fight with A,S,D,F,G etc

Answer to ps3 messages:
1. No, Being villains in the game arent possibol. And its mass scary murders not villains
2. Theres gore in the game, Loots of blood.
3. The game will be released when all stuff is added
4. I already said that you cant play online, CUZ its inpossible
5. I dont want any beta testers unless I know them
6. whutafuck are you meaning. Games like this does not contain vore/porn for fucking sake
7. No suecide in the game
8. Its really fun to make

Thanks for asking!


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