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Henrik The Combat Master Update!!!

2012-08-15 12:17:31 by xXSuperSandWaylleXx

This game is really fun to make. Im working on the concept and animations and gameplay right now! And for the first time. It feels that its really really fun to make. I put a photo of my work here on the bottom. It shows Henrik concept art 1. Its alpha verison of that concept art who means that I will work alot more on it. The game is gonna be a wave mode packed spltiscreen game. Over 5 waves, With diffrent enemies. Program I use to make all the animations,concept arts etc. Photoshop cs5.5 I think. Flash is just being used to put everything togheter and code. So this update includes 2 diffrent photos! One shows a sprite that im working on. Another shows the first conpect art. And yes. It will be packed with tutorials. Here are the attack keys you use: A S D F G H J.
A is used to punch (the punch is a combo)
S is used to kick (the kick is a combo)
D is used to grab (grab least 10 seconds and u can punch them and kick them while your holding them)
F is used to insane jump (You jump on your enemies with fire 3 times)
G is used to teleport (you will get teleport ability after 2 waves or somthing)
H is used to sound speed attack (you run at your enemies so they fall back)
J is used to crazy punch (you have you hand in the air for 3 sec then you punch hard)
if you press A-UP you can punch them up. Its alot of things to do in this game.
But be carefull, you got a health bar. And its over 60 minions at the same time
hint. kicking is a weak combo.
And im planning a date to release the game. I think maybe....Maybe next year, Because I relized that this will have alot more things to do than I tought.
im still working on the first sprite. Thats crazy I know. But I don't want the game graphic to look poor. I want it to be fucking amazing! So btw. Photo time:
http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/31/standing z.jpg/ this is the standing sprite that im working on
http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/545/henrikc ombomasterconcep.jpg/ heres the first concept art im working on
More photos comming soon!
Thanks! More photos comming tommorow!

Chill out! new photos tomorow! And also A little update of what im animating atm!


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